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Q&A: Do Waist Trainers Work?

Q: Jean-Luc, what do you think about those waist trainers? Corset-like devices to shrink your waist.

A: It doesn’t do shit.

1. It can’t manipulate your rib structure. You can only manipulate your bone structure between the ages of 6-9. That’s why in the tradition of foot bonding they start breaking and manipulating the bones at that age. That’s so weird.

2. It can’t stop you from getting fat in that area. Hormones control fat distribution and only because your wedding ring is snug doesn’t mean your finger won’t get fat. Time to re-size.

3. It could possibly work by atrophying your muscles in your core, allowing the material of the “corset” to take over some of the muscles work. But if that’s the case, you better get ready for injuries from a weak core.

4. It does move your organs up. Well guess what happens when you take it off? You guessed it, they will come right back down.

So, how can it possibly work? It can help you eat less because it’s so damn tight and uncomfortable. Ever feel like unbuttoning your shirt after a big meal? Well it’s like a super tight shirt. Eat less = less insulin = fat loss.

So, does it work? It can if you’re problem is you’re just eating too much and you think you can endure being uncomfortable. And if you think it’s worth back problems later on, go nuts.

Thanks for the question, Emily!

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