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Q&A: Is Orange Juice Good for You?

It’s Q&A Wednesday!

Today’s question is one that I get asked quite a bit and that is: is orange juice healthy?

Here’s my response:

You might as well have a Pepsi and a multivitamin for breakfast.

Orange juice is a major contributor to obesity and diabetes. Forget the vitamin C advertising that they are trying to pull you in on. It’s pure sugar that they process and store to the point where the taste becomes undrinkable. Add a few “flavour packs” and bingo – you get the perfect orange taste on the shelf all year round.

The marketing done by Pepsico to disguise this stuff, as a natural part of a complete breakfast, has made it the top selling fruit product in America according to Times magazine.

Ask someone who has diabetes how fast orange juice hits the blood stream – it’s fast. And guys, that’s not a good thing.

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