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Q&A: What are Your Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting?

It’s Q&A Wednesday!

Today we have a question coming in from social media and that question is:

I keep hearing people talk about intermittent fasting… what are your thoughts on it?

Great question! Here’s my answer for you:

It definitely works for fat loss and other health benefits but you need serious willpower. Let me break it down for you.

There are many ways of fasting. Some people will fast for 8 hours between meals and then 16 hours overnight to the next meal. Another person may limit the calories to 500 calories a day for a few days. While others will have nothing to eat for 24 hours, once or twice a week.

But… it all comes down to the same thing: giving your body a break from eating.

By doing this, you will:

  1. Lower your insulin levels.
  2. Increase growth hormone production.
  3. Maintain muscle mass more effectively than consistently being calorie restricted.

As hunter gatherers, we didn’t have access to food on demand. Which means there were days where there may have been little or nothing to eat. Fasting would have been more “normal” than our regular 3 meals a day. The 3 meals a day came about from the industrial revolution based on work schedules and not health.

So, I personally prefer to use the 24 hour fast as a tool. Most studies I’ve read have used this protocol. I also find it easiest to go from dinner to dinner as the cravings are hard at night. I simply use it intermittently (irregular intervals) as a tool if I screw up. For example, if I ended up eating very poorly on a day I hadn’t planned to, I may fast the next day.

Warning: Fasting isn’t good for everyone.

  • Women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant need to be nourished with as many healthy nutrients as possible and fasting can disrupt their hormone cycle.
  • People with adrenal fatigue should stay away as they are already in a state of catabolism.
  • People who are underweight or have a history of eating disorders.

If you guys have question, feel free to send them in. It may take me a while to get to them but I’ll try my best to answer it in some way.


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