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Q&A: What Do You Think About Gluten-Free Products?

Q: What do you think about gluten free products?

A: I think that “gluten-free” is not getting down to the core issue.

If you can’t handle gluten, it’s because you have abnormal gut flora and you need to fix that. Removing gluten is certainly a step in the right direction but there’s more to it.

Eating products full of sugar, processed carbs and denatured fats isn’t going to help that’s for sure.

These types of food still raises blood sugar, compromises your immune system and further damages the gut lining. An appropriate diet is crucial to fixing the real problem. Download my free recipe book (link below) to learn more about eating healthy and clean. If you struggle with your food choices, this e-book will help you to cook healthy meals that your entire family will enjoy.

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