How to raise a kid with high self-esteem

Children are born with high self-esteem we just have to be careful not to destroy it.

First off, it’s not what you do for your child but what you’ve taught them to do for themselves that will give them self-esteem.

Second, I once read from child psychologist A. S. Neil how young children can’t understand the meaning of words and actions from a parent.

I’m guilty as a parent myself for getting upset over reasons I shouldn’t have.

A child seeks love and power. Every angry word, every punishment or sarcastic remark creates deprivation of those two emotions.

Every angry comment from mom means to the child “mom doesn’t love me” and every “I’m the boss” from dad means “he stands in my way, – if only I was that size.”

Treat your child with the same respect you do a guest in your house and your child will grow up with high self-esteem.

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