Live Your Full Potential


We waste around 5 hours a day glued to our phones.
We could be 10x more efficient than we are if we gave up all the nonsense some of us feed our brains.
Imagine what the world would be like if we all focused on something that matters.

Even if we stopped making things worse, that would be a huge step.
If we weren’t so scared and focused on doing what we were meant to be doing, who knows what we could accomplish.
When you expose people to what they are scared of, they get stronger.
There’s no limit to this. We have no idea what the potential of humans really is.

Most people are sleepwalking and some people take decades to wake up.
You don’t know the limit to your potential.
You’re not everything you could be.

If you started using your potential, you would attract other like-minded people in your life.
If you’re a parent, your children would feel your authenticity.

It doesn’t just affect you. You’re not just one person.
We tend to think that just one person can’t make a difference but we can.
We are each a node in a network.
It’s especially obvious now with the internet.
And that has a massive ripple effect.

How many times have you talked to a friend about someone you know on Facebook that has said or done something worth talking about.
There’s a ripple effect that moves from person to person when it resonates.

We can’t even comprehend how much our actions impact the world.
That means that what you do or don’t do is far more powerful than you think.

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