The Reason Your Marketing Failed


First off it needs to stand out and that means taking a risk. But more than standing out, it needs to build curiosity.

I was at the national gallery with my wife the other day when we came upon a shovel leaning against the wall. My wife looked at it and with an insulted tone in her voice said “that’s not art”. Then we read the artist description and he had created this piece to make you question what art really was. Artist Ed Ruscha suggests that good art should make you go Huh? Wow! It should grab your attention and pull you in to solve a mystery.

People already have an idea about your product or service before they even come in contact with it. You need to break their assumptions. If you can get them to the point of trying your product or service and they fail to continue to use it or fail to tell their friends about it than the product itself is the problem.

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