I was on a cruise ship last week. It was early in the afternoon and there was a group of guys getting drunk and rowdy by the pool. I was sitting on a beach chair next to my wife. My Macbook on my lap writing my next E-book. People were having drinks and having a good time when all of a sudden one of the drunk guys walked over and pushed down my Macbook cover and said “You’re on vacation, stop working” then walked away mumbling to his friends how sad it was that I have to work on vacation and can’t take a week off.

It would have been hard for him to hear this but I wanted to say: “What’s sad is the fact that you spend one or two weeks off a year to escape what you do for the next 50 weeks.”

I looked out at the horizon, I looked at my wife and told her how grateful I am to be doing what I love everyday.
It’s not work to me. It’s play.

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