Saying yes to life

Lately I’ve been realizing how powerful it is to say yes to life.
I keep randomly meeting the most interesting people by saying yes and life just keeps giving me more.
For my incubator MIYAGI I keep saying yes and I keep attracting more great people. It’s unfolding on it’s own.

I had a sort of epiphany the other day when I stopped to realize that in only a few months I have created a team of 13 extremely talented people working to build MIYAGI. We’re about to onboard our 6th company.
It seems that things keep falling in place as I keep saying yes.
For the longest time I would say no to things outside my scope in order to stay focused.
But through meditation, I realized that I was stoping life’s flow.

I realized that we often avoid opportunities because of fear.
Fear of responsibility, of making a fool of ourselves, of thinking we’re not good enough.
But like Anais Nin has said “life shrinks or expands in proportion to your courage.”
The courage to say yes, I feel it, I’m doing it!

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