Scarcity to Abundance

Capitalism moves in this way. We go from not making much stuff to making too much stuff.

In a bookstore or on a magazine rack, it used to be that there was only space for top sellers.
The book store could only cary a certain number of top selling items for their customers.

But with the internet the cost of holding stuff in the long tail doesn’t costs anything.

Today you can find just about anything unique item you want on Amazon.

The same is true of media. There used to be only a handful of magazines but now there’s millions of blogs on all sorts of niche topics all competing for attention. There used to be a handful of radio stations but now there’s satellite radio, streaming apps and millions of podcasts all competing.

Where there used to be dozens of markets of millions, there’s now millions of markets of dozens.

So what do we do we do when there’s so many options?

When abundance becomes too much for the mind to handle it screens and rejects much of what it’s offered. It only accepts what matches prior knowledge or experience. And turns to trusted sources for recommendations.

So the best thing to do when there’s so many options to choose from is to focus on producing something so good and so targeted that the your audience feels compelled to tell others about it.

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