Set Habits Instead of Goals


The problem with goal setting is that you don’t have full control over the outcome.
Instead focus on what is in your control – your daily habits.

Instead of losing 20lbs, commit to showing up for your workout everyday.
Instead of aiming to write a book, commit to writing a page every day.
Instead of aiming to start a business on the side, commit to working 1 hour every day on it.

Just like brushing your teeth. You don’t set a goal to have white teeth, you just get up and brush them everyday without thought. The result is white teeth.

Instead of trying to do everything at once and feeling bogged down when the results fluctuate – change one habit at a time. Give each habit your total attention and energy. This new way of thinking might even bring new vitality in other parts of your life in 2018.

Learn about how I broke a life long habit.

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