Shoppers Drug Mart Now Has Self Check Out

I took this picture in Calgary last week as I noticed the Shoppers Drug Mart had 6 self-checkout stations (or as I like to call them “bots” …like robots) and only one person working the cash.

There’s nothing like seeing this transition of job loss with your own eyes.

We saw this transition with gas stations, grocery stores, fast food restaurants and now convenient stores and it’s changing fast (as wages increase you can expect it to move faster). The reality is that efficiency and productivity jobs are moving to the bots because they’re better at it.

It’s inevitable that there is going to be a massive amount of jobs being replaced in the near future.

What will people do when there’s no one to hire them?

They will have to employ themselves – becoming self-employed. This is a great thing. Bot work is boring. 150 years ago most of us were self-employed. It’s not that we can’t do it. Everyone has something to give. It’s just seems scary to go out on your own.

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