Society’s Real Addiction

phone addiction

On Snapchat you get a score that increases the more you use it.
The higher the score the more authority you get – making people want to use it more.

The goal of any app creator is to get it’s users to increase it’s usage. The more people that use it, the higher the company is worth.
They do this by “gamifying” it. Gamifying is tapping into the psychology of what makes us addicted. Things that move us towards or basic instincts of easy, quick and fun.

App creators use points, levels, recognition, achievement in a way that keeps people glued to the screen. Apps are now created in a way that you can scroll forever. There’s no end to the news. Making people choose entertainment over education.

A slot machines is ancient compared to the apps we have today but the goal is the same.

The sounds from the slot machine is not different than the notification sound you hear from your phone, designed to give you a boost of dopamine.

We all know that gambling is addictive and that people throw their lives away because of it. They lose relationships, they lose awareness and they lose themselves. There’s groups and helplines to help these people.

Yet people are addicted to these apps and no one seems to be taking them seriously. People fear giving up their phone for a day.

Addiction comes in all forms but they have one thing in common – they take from you.

They distract you from the things that really matter.

If you want your kids to know themselves and to build strong roots in the ground in order to have good judgment. You have to guard them from this addiction because it’s as real as cocaine is.

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