Upcoming Events

Jean-Luc will be presenting at the following events:

BOLD: The MindBody Conference, September 27-29 in San Diego, CA — TOPIC: 7 Values to Inspire Your Team and Grow Your Business

In this session, Jean-Luc Boissonneault will share how choosing seven values changed everything in his life and in his business—and led him to a more inspired team and ultimately the sale of his multi-million-dollar personal training business.

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Past Speaking Events

Jean-Luc has performed countless seminars at events and organizations. Including:

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He’s also performed talks at:

  • Mindtrust CEO group
  • Logan Kats
  • BLG
  • … and many others

Engaging and Dynamic Speaker

Jean-luc-boissonneaultJean-Luc Boissonneault has an exciting story of successful entrepreneurship but what most audiences resonate with the most is his “rags to riches” story that comes from his personal life. Jean-Luc has built a successful personal training business, Free Form Fitness, and through that process has learned a lot about boostrapping, work/life balance, building a team, managing customer expectations and more.

His experience and expertise spans across numerous areas of business and entrepreneurship. Jean-Luc is a charismatic and dynamic speaker who brings audiences along for a journey. A true storyteller, he loves sharing his “lessons learned” with audiences on both an intimate level and on big stages around the world. He’ll empower and motivate your teams, inspire your leadership and most of all, plant the seed of entrepreneurship in the minds of people who may not have otherwise dreamed of that path.

Jean-Luc is also available for podcast interviews on entrepreneurship, work/life balance, bootstrapping, building a business, creating unique customer experiences and more.

Jean-Luc is also available as a keynote speaker on all facets of entrepreneurship. He primarily focuses on events with 100+ attendees although he does make certain considerations for charities and not-for-profits.

If you’re interested in connecting to discuss these possibilities, please reach out to Jean-Luc’s Media & Marketing Manager, Erin Blaskie at erin@erinblaskie.com.

Potential Keynote Topic

How Choosing Seven Values Helped Me Sell My Multi-Million Dollar Company

youligion4A lot of people believe that success is achieved by following specific step-by-step guides, hiring a coach or mentor or by hustling until you can’t hustle anymore. Jean-Luc Boissonneault did things a little differently and learned that the best guidance often comes from within. In this talk, Jean-Luc will share with you how choosing seven values changed everything in his life and in his business, which ultimately led him to the sale of his multi-million dollar personal training business. What he did can be easily done by anyone — you just need to take a few minutes to learn a little more about yourself.

  • What values are and why they are important
  • How values can help you make better decisions as a business owner
  • An easy exercise that anyone can do on their own to determine their values
  • How to trust yourself above all else and leverage that trust to carve your path to freedom

This keynote is based off of Jean-Luc’s book, YOULIGION.

If you’re interested in booking this talk, please reach out to Jean-Luc’s Media & Marketing Manager, Erin Blaskie at erin@erinblaskie.com.

Relatable Speaker to Inspire Your Students

jeanlucboissonneault2-1024x683Jean-Luc had a difficult time in high school but held firmly to the belief that he could do anything he wanted if he worked hard enough and spent time nurturing his passions. The difficulty in this was finding examples of entrepreneurship in high school. For most people, they only get exposed to the idea of business ownership after they’ve graduated high school and find themselves entrenched in college.

Jean-Luc has also worked really hard in the community to help engage and inspire people to jump feet first into entrepreneurship and look at the alternatives that exist for people who may not fit perfectly into societal norms. Creatives, leaders, dreamers and big idea people are born early but often they aren’t nurtured until much later in life — Jean-Luc’s message could inspire these types to learn a little more about themselves and the possibilities that exist a little sooner.

Jean-Luc would love to speak at your school — either to specific classrooms or to a larger group — so that he can spread his message of possibility, connect with youth to inspire them and offer them an alternative idea of what it means to be an entrepreneur.

If you’re interested in connecting to discuss this possibility, please reach out to Jean-Luc’s Media & Marketing Manager, Erin Blaskie at erin@erinblaskie.com.

Here’s What Others Have Had to Say

The Box Business Summit had the pleasure of having Jean-Luc speak at our 2014 event. His unique way of presenting had the crowd feeling like they were getting advice from a friend and not lectured by a guru! The presentation was very informative, detailed and packed with advanced content, but he presents it all in a way that’s easy to understand. His tips can easily be implemented in everyday life, and his stage presence and energy keeps the crowd interested and focused. We strongly recommend Jean-Luc as a presenter at your next event!

Paul Charlebois
Organizer, The Box Business Summit

In my previous role as Vice President of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation, we engaged Jean-Luc Boissonneault to present to a group of Business Leaders in Ottawa that were committed to the success and ideals of the Heart Institute. Healthy lifestyle is certainly one of the important educational mandates for the Institute.

I would recommend to anyone to have Jean-Luc come out to speak to their organization about healthy lifestyles and how beneficial it would be to see a positive change in the health and conditioning of their employees and themselves.

Jean-Luc has been dedicated and passionate to making a difference in the wellbeing and health of his clients. He is a wonderful presenter and certainly demonstrates this not only in his enthusiastic and knowledgeable presentation but also in the philosophy, success and structure of his company, Free Form Fitness.

Jean-Luc is one of those people that truly lives and breathes what he is passionate about and it is certainly evident in his presentation.

Barry Stanton
Vice President
Sound Venture Productions