Starting with the end in mind


Any top athlete will tell you that they workout with the end in mind.
They have a clear vision of them competing in the final match or race.
They picture who they want to be and they work everyday towards that vision.

But when it comes to starting a business most people start with the beginning in mind.

Having been through the process of selling a business there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing your masterpiece be sold at the price you want. Your exit strategy is as important as your entry strategy. This helps you plan and grow your business in the right direction.

Making a living off the profits from your business can make you a good living but selling can make you a fortune. It allows you to diversify. So create a business that makes a high profit, that can function on it’s own and that attracts attention from it’s big competitors. Then sell it.

Plan for that event – it’s the entrepreneurs greatest moment.

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