Stick with Butter

In Canada, margarine was banned from 1886 until 1948. In the late 1800’s William Proctor and his brother-in-law James Gamble were in the soap and candle business. They owned a patent on the process of turning a liquid into a solid (hydrogenation). With the rise in electricity and the fall in candle sales, they needed another way to use their process so they wanted to make a product that everyone consumed. At that time Americans consumed 18lbs of butter a year. They purchased a cottonseed fields and started a mass marketing campaign to convince the public that margarine was better for your health. Margarine was not fully accepted by the public until the popular (and fraudulent) study of 1970 called “the 7 country study” by Ancel Keys. This study regarding cholesterol and heart disease opened the door for market acceptance. People replaced their 6000 year old tradition for tub of chemical sludge.

Don’t be fooled by the heart shaped package and the added “omega 3”. The only reason this product exist is because it’s cheap to make and it has a long shelf life. Stick to real butter.

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