Super Fit for Life: Free Program

Screenshot 2016-08-31 17.34.17It’s important that prior to starting this program you are not currently in an over-trained state. For this reason I recommend starting with the SUPERLIFE® program first in order to allow all your bodies systems to find balance. Once your systems are balanced, it’s time to start this program.

This program is designed to lower your body fat and get you in the best shape of your life all the while improving your health and keeping your motivation high.

Most programs that you find in magazines or a DVD don’t take periodization and exercise stress into consideration. They simply give you a workout with a set volume expecting you to push hard week by week but the reality is that 90% of people will not make it to week 4.

In this program you will find nutrition guidelines, a cardiovascular plan, a stretching routine and a strength training plan. For optimal results follow the exact structure prescribed.

Sometimes you may feel the need to skip the long rest for a shorter rest time or push beyond the repetitions prescribed but the details are there for a reason, so if you want great results stick to it.


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