Talking To Strangers


I asked my daughter what the word “shy” meant and without hesitation she said:

“It’s when you’re scared of people”.

Kids have incredible intuition and her answer is accurate.

Great things come from talking to strangers. Not only does it add genuine moments of connection in your day but it opens up opportunities to meet great people. It’s how I met my wife and some of the most important friends in my life today. Being comfortable around people makes you a calmer, more perceptive and confident person.

But people are scared. People feel anxious and awkward around new people. They’ll look to their phone before choosing to make the slightest eye contact with someone – let alone talk to them. They justify their fear by saying they don’t need new people in their life yet the people they do have came from that initial interaction. Everyday life is filled with moments that are scary, uncertain but they’re always obstacles worth conquering.

You can’t control how you feel but you can control how you act.

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