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Technology or Tried and Tested: What is Your View on Health?

There’s two types of world views that I realized are conflicting.

The first one is people who think that the solution to our health and well-being is about going back to how we use to do things – when we were hunter gatherers. That food is our medicine. That advancement in technology is making things worse. That breathing, eating, drinking or injecting any form of chemicals is instinctively not natural.

And then there’s the other world view that technology will save us. That what we need to keep researching for a better solution. Looking deeper into research rather than wider. Looking at cell research VS the amount of stress people are under and their addiction to junk food. More research is needed is the motto.

This view assumes that changing people’s habits is not realistic. That we shouldn’t worry about GMO’s or vaccines because we trust that they have been studied well enough to be accepted by the government. That genetics play a major role. That cereal is fine because it has the heart and stroke foundation seal on it. I know those world views are not so cut and dry but they seem to often be bunched together.

Anyhow, if you’re part of the second group. You’re probably not going to like my content so before you think I’m crazy, you can just unfollow me. I won’t take offense and we’ll stay friends. If you do have something to say, head on over to the Facebook group.

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