The advantage of being broke

In my experience companies that start with a lot of money tend to cut corners. Money often compensates for a lack of creativity. With money it’s easy to fall for the simple decision to aim for mass marketing. It’s easy to leave your marketing up to someone else or to choose to market when you’re product isn’t remarkable yet.

When you’re broke you’re faced a situation that you can’t change so you’re forced to change yourself. To get more creative, to come up with better ways of doing things.

All big companies started out as small companies once.

In start up phase you want to keep the company as lean as possible. You want to prove your product or service with the least amount of money possible. Only good can come of it. If you haven’t read Lean Startup yet, it’s a good one.

Without money you are forced to test and tweak your product or service and your marketing until it’s remarkable. That’s the advantage.

So start small and start now.

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