The best sales pitch I’ve ever seen


My wife Chelsea and a friend were walking just near the edge of where our hotel ends in Dominican Republic. A lady approaches them. She greets them and gently grabs Chelsea’s wrists and ties a homemade bracelet to it. “It’s a gift” she says. With a sincere look on her face, she opens Chelsea’s hand and places $3 dollars in it. Chelsea wants to give her back the money but the lady refuses. She explained how she is poor, has 2 children and doesn’t have access to the things we have in the hotel. “Could you buy me something inside with that money?” she asks. Chelsea and her friend went back to their room and collected every piece of clothing they had to give the lady. Then they bought her food and other things from the gift shop that were far beyond $3. In the end, the lady was ecstatic and so was Chelsea and her friend. The lady knew something that most people don’t. If you show up with generosity the rest takes care of itself.

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