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The Bully in Your Head

At the end of the day – the decision to act is not going to kill you. It may seem scary but really, you’re going to look back and realize it wasn’t that bad. In fact, you’re going to look back and wonder why you hadn’t done it earlier.

But, as if it’s not hard enough already to ignore other people’s opinions, we also have to deal with our own inner voices. Our fearful self-talk.

The oldest part of our brain called the “reptilian brain” deals with instinctive fear and the need for safety. It’s the part that says “run for your life” or “don’t do it, it’s too scary.”

Steven Pressfield – author of “The War Of Art” – calls this voice “the resistance”. This is the voice that robs us from taking action and ultimately robs us of our dreams. The voice that confuses comfort for safety.

But the days of the sabre tooth tiger are long gone. And, if you want to realize your dream, you need to be able to shut that bully up. The only way to conquer it, is to face it.

So, the next time that bully in your head starts talking, push him back and show him who’s boss OK?

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