The Circle of Worry


The doctor tells a man that he has to have an operation. Automatically the man starts to worry about it.

But since worrying increases his stress hormones and affects his sleep his health gets worse.

But the man can’t stop worrying so you he gets even more worried that he’s worrying. And because he knows that’s crazy he gets mad at himself – making him more worried. So now – he’s worried because he worries because he worries.

That’s a circle.

Now can you allow your mind to be quiet?
Can you handle the silence in a conversation?

It’s hard because your mind is always going. Bouncing from one thought to the next.

I’ve been asking people if they would like to do a 3 day silent retreat with me at my house. But here’s what I’ve found. It sounds horrible to most people. People will go to great lengths to keep their mind busy and feel extremely uncomfortable with silence.

Without any distractions and nothing to do. No talking, no cell phones, no reading, no music. Just you alone with yourself.

It’s like a drug this monkey mind. A dangerous one. Compulsive thinking going on all the time. It’s a habit that will drive you insane.

But the first rule of worry is not try to solve it but rather to be aware of it. Now you are aware. Like a pond left alone it will quiet itself.

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