The Doll in The Window

The Doll in the window

A little girl grew up in a family that had no money to spare. Everyday, her mom would walk the little girl to school through an alley where there was a doll shop. In the window sat the most beautiful doll the little girl had ever seen.

The mom knowing she could never afford the doll felt sad. It became so painful for the mom that she decided to change her routes towards school. But the little girl begged her mom to let her go back until one day the mom broke down and cried.

The little girl surprised at the sight of her mom crying said “Mom, I don’t want to own the doll, I just want to admire it.”

It’s hard for the older generation to understand that the new generation think different. But there’s an upwards spiral in our culture towards being more open. There’s a whole new generation of people who aren’t looking to own and cling to things but rather to appreciate them for what they are.

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