The easiest way to start a business


At 17 years old I fell into becoming a self-employed personal trainer by helping a man lose 200lbs. I had been working the front desk at a fitness club called New Body Dimensions. One day I noticed a man getting out of his car through the gym window. He could barely walk up the steps to get in to the door. I could sense his fear. His lack of confidence. I could feel the discomfort of walking into the place and I wanted to change that. When I felt he was wanting to leave. I told him I would train him 5 days a week for a year – for free.

I didn’t say this because I saw it as a marketing tactic.

I did it because I cared about the guy and I wanted to help him.

Over time people started to see the man lose weight. Shedding fat week after week. He became a sort of walking billboard for me. People started asking me questions and saw that I was a passionate kid who knew a lot about exercise and nutrition.

It didn’t take long for the owner of the club to start getting requests from members to work with me. The owner told me that if I can get certified I could start as a personal trainer at his facility. So I did.

Most people get confused where to start. They get caught up in all the details. My advice is always the same. Start with one.

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