The Entrepreneurial Advantage of Little to No Money

Having a large sum of money from an investor to get your idea off the ground sounds like an amazing idea but most often money becomes a shortcut solution that distracts entrepreneurs from the real problem.

Money doesn’t solve business problems – you do.

You don’t need a fancy logo, business cards or even a website to start.

You just need to solve a problem.

When you start a business with little to no money you’ve got an advantage. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You don’t have a choice but to figure out the most cost effective way of doing things.

With little to no money you are forced to find the cheapest way of fixing the problem and the cheapest way of gaining a new customer. This leaves you with a realistic profit.

If you can do that over and over again you’re going to start making money and your business will grow organically at the speed it should.

We all want to grow fast but like anything you try to do fast (especially at the beginning) you tend to miss a few steps. And those steps in business are what distinguish success from failure.

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