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The Fat Leader

A leader should never be fat. It sends the wrong message.

Unless you have a valid reason like a disease or medication not allowing your body to lose weight but even then there’s no excuse to not be trying.

I own a chain of personal training studios and when someone hires a personal trainer they are hiring a leader. But trainers also fall into this trap. 9 times out of 10 when I ask one of my trainers to tell me about a client that they are having trouble with the result is that the personal trainer them self is also having that same difficulty.

The conversation goes like this: 

Me: Is there a client you’re having trouble with?
Jeff: Yes, Dianne refuses to change her nutrition.
Me: How’s your nutrition?
Jeff: Well, hasn’t been too good lately.

As a leader you have a huge responsibility to set the stage for the rest of your team. That’s why you get paid the big bucks. Your team, just like my 3 year old daughter hold you under a microscope and will mimic your actions rather than listening to your advice.

The same holds true for everything you do. The way you treat people trickles down to how your employees will treat people. A frustrated CEO makes for a frustrated team and so on.

Paying for a fitness program for your team helps them have access to a gym and it’s a nice deed but I know for a fact most won’t use it. It needs to be part of your company culture and it starts with you.

WE TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES should be plastered on your forehead because this is the core of productivity.

If you think most employees are at their maximum potential for productivity let me share with you what I heard the other day.

A friends of mine that works in a large corporation tells me that he and his team will spend 6 hours at their desk doing nothing but surfing their phone because they just don’t have the motivation and attention span to do anything. The worse part is, their boss has no idea and just thinks that all he can get.

Boy, that makes me cringe.

The fat leader is in luck though because losing fat is a science that takes consistent action and nutritional dedication. The same dedication they already have in the business, just channelled in a different way.

I’ve seen and heard of too many successful leaders drive forward with the numbers without taking the time to take care of themselves. The ending to that story is a heart attack, depression, cancer, metabolic syndrome or any other stress related disease.

So, don’t lose sight of the vessel that is getting you to your goals, it’s the only one you have. It’s not good for you, your family or anyone on your team.

Now imagine a workforce of healthy employees, with healthy minds filled with energy, ambition and dedication. Imagine yourself leading with those characteristics. How different would your company be? What new heights would you achieve?

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