The Only Thing That Improves Sales


I must confess. One time I made an employee cry because I role-played sales with him so much. He didn’t only cry, he quit. I really didn’t mean to do that, and I felt horrible but I just didn’t realize how stressful it was for him. As a leader I was just looking to get the best out of him. The nice thing about it is he called me a year later to thank me for having pushed him through that exercise. He said it made him realize the “chink in his armour”, that it gave him courage and changed his life in many ways.

I’ve tried all these sales systems, mythologies and technologies and it’s the same for almost all companies. Even though the top sales people have access to the same resources as everyone else, they’re the top sales people because they’re better sales people.

If you want to sell more, find and build better sales people. Better people and better leaders.

And when it comes to tools, remember that the sword is much stronger in the hands of a warrior.

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