The Pizza Shop Renegade

Justin Dupuis could sit in his pizza shop and wait for the phone to ring but instead he’s getting the whole communities attention by choosing to make a difference. You can catch Justin dressed up as batman visiting children’s hospitals, donating food to the local food banks or bringing awareness to the homeless in the city.

Courage is contagious. He’s gotten so much attention that he’s now created a ripple effect inspiring other pizza shop owners like Milano’s pizza owner Mazen to get out there and make a difference.

There will always be people who say it’s simply a marketing tactic but the people that say that are not seeing the big picture. Would you rather a small business owner spend his money on ads in the newspaper or would you rather see a small business owners giving back to the community they are in?

They deserve all the publicity they get.

Facebook’s algorithm (the code that decides what gets attention on people’s newsfeed) favours posts that get engagement through likes, comments and shares.

Acts of compassion do that very well.

While others sit on the sidelines in fear of what people think – renegades like Justin and Mazen built up the courage to get out there and make a difference.

As long as the community continues to engage these renegades (which I hope they will) and Facebook maintains it’s algorithm – we should see a change in the way small businesses market their business, which is good for the whole community.

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