The Rise of The Entrepreneur

According to this study by Oxford University, they’re predicting that 47 percent of jobs in the US are “at risk” of being automated in the next 20 years.

Routine jobs are going to keep dropping while creative jobs will continue to rise. We saw the gas station attendants lose their jobs a long time ago, then went a handful of cashiers at the grocery store – then the kids working the ticket booth at the movie theatre. Now it looks like McDonald’s is moving to machines too.

Automation, artificial intelligence and robotics are moving fast. Lower paying jobs will feel the loss of jobs first followed by moderately paid jobs like truck drivers and high paying ones like lawyers.

The corporate model is based on profit. Corporations want efficiency because it creates more profit. Not all companies act solely on profit but the majority do. Especially the big unethical companies like Shell, Monsanto or Big Pharma (…had to give them a dig). There’s also talks of solving this problem by having a basic income for everyone.

I’m optimistic about the future because I see a rise in entrepreneurship. Influencer marketing is on a rise and it’s going to continue. Which means that anyone with an internet connection can now get paid if they can create something of good enough value for someone else.

Never learnt that in school? Well, that’s why I write.

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