The Rookie Salesman

Zig was the best “kitchen pan” sales person in his company. The company sold the highest quality pans on the market. But it was time for Zig to retire and one of the rookie sales guys was nice enough to invite Zig and a bunch of other sales people over for dinner. They ate while his wife cooked dinner. They listened to stories about Zigs record breaking successes and then said their goodbyes.

As Zig was about to leave the rookie pulled Zig aside and asked him “Zig, how do I become as good of a sales person as you?” to his surprise, Zig answered “you will never become as good as me.” Shocked by his response the rookie answered “why not?” and Zig said “because when I went into the kitchen during our dinner, your wife wasn’t using our pans.”

Don’t sell something you don’t believe in.

PS: I’m looking for a part time sales person for a start-up in the Miyagi incubator. Comes with ownership. If you know anyone that would be a good fit, email me jlboissonneault(a)Gmail.com

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