The Search for Utopia is the Search for Your Childhood


Most people spend their whole life working hard towards some utopia.
Some travel the world in search of some utopia.
And unfortunately some get addicted to substances for some utopia.

But what we are truly searching for is our childhood.

A time where we were free.
Where we were connected.
Where we played.
Where we could be ourselves.

The wisdom teeth are called wisdom teeth because they are the last ones to show up.
Most people only start to gain wisdom later in life. Others are lucky to find it early.

It takes wisdom to realize what matters most in your life. And it takes wisdom to
stop delaying and denying yourself from living the life you were meant to live.

We had a great hike up Luskville falls yesterday.

I will be going every Sunday at 10am for the next 4 weeks if you would like to join.
If I have to cancel because of the weather I will post it in my Facebook group.

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