The Secret to Being Remarkable


My biggest weakness is by far my organizational skills.

It’s something I’ve been wrestling with my whole life. I used to lie to myself saying that my chaotic work flow helped my creativity or that I was right brain dominant as-if it was a fixed thing.

We often make excuses to stay in our comfort zone and the lies that impact us the most are the ones we tell ourselves.

But when you start to lead people you start to realize that most issues you deal with stem from you. Leadership is like holding up a mirror. People you lead don’t listen as much as they mimic. As much as you can try to delegate your weaknesses, you soon realize that you need to change. When you tell yourself you can’t do something …well, you never will.

The reality is that creativity x organization = Impact.

Only in the last couple years have I realized how powerful it is to commit yourself to daily actions. The secret to being remarkable is not about spikes in hard work on a whim but about focusing on the little things you do repeatedly everyday. Whether that’s writing a blog post or making a point to talk to strangers  – the little things add up to become the big things. They have a ripple effect not only in your work but in the people around you.

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