The Steve Jobs Advantage


I’m looking around this coffee shop and all I see is shinny grey MacBooks with a white Apple on it. When the cover is shut, the apple is upside down to the owner of the Macbook. But the symbol isn’t for the owner. When the MacBook is open it shows everyone else who’s team they’re on. It says, people like us use MacBooks.

It didn’t cost anything more to have the logo turned around. It just took a different perspective.

The biggest thing that has stuck with me from reading a few of Steve Jobs biographies is his appreciation for design. In his early twenties he took a class in typography that opened up his world to the importance of design. Simplicity is beautiful and the small things are the big things to Steve Jobs. He not only used design to start differentiating himself from the competition. He used it as a competitive advantage to become one of the biggest brands in the world. Clearly design matters.

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