The Woman Who Tried to Stop a Stream


A stream of water was rising. A women who had her house near the stream became worried that it would take it away. She decided to climb the mountain nearby and attempt to stop the stream.

She piled rocks to block it but the water kept pouring over top. Every time it rained it got worse – so she decided to remove rocks and try to get the stream flowing in a different direction but the stream always found it’s way back. Days went on and she grew tired and frustrated by this ever flowing water until one day she gave up. She jumped in the stream and floated down peacefully letting the water guide her. She stopped worrying about the stream and the house. And funny enough the house stood strong until her death.

It’s scary to think of losing something important to us. Our first instinct is to cling to the way things were and to control it. To change it the way we want it to be. But you must realize that somethings are out of your control. Sometimes it’s just best to release the grip and let it be.

Also published on Medium.

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