They Laughed at Him With His Hat

Trump red hat marketing

During the election reporters on Fox were laughing at the fact that Donald Trump’s biggest marketing expense were red hats.

But they don’t understand “marketing” like Trump does. Love him or hate him – he’s one of the best marketers in the world.

Now about his views, I don’t agree with the guy. I think his values are skewed and he’s not seeing the big picture. I’m very concerned with the environment and I’m also conserved with keeping the internet free of control. Open communication between each other is the greatest strength we have to affect change. And if things don’t head in that direction it’s not going to be good for all of humanity.

But I can’t help think, does this guy really look at his grandkids and say “I’m going to make your life miserable.” Is he misinformed or does he have vested interests?

I don’t know, I’m having trouble with the misinformed part when just about every credible expert on the topic of climate says we need to do something right now.

With his skills as a marketer and with the power of Hollywood behind him, trump has the power to change the world for the good let alone the US. But then again he seems too patriotic for that, too conventional. I mean, he’s not sitting on a beanbag listening to Bob Marleys “One Love” like I am.

So my hope is that he used his marketing strategy to get elected and will start to change his views.

OK let me explain why the the red hats were so powerful.

The red hat is the equivalent of the nazi red armband or the crypts and the bloods bandanas. It divides a crowd. It helps move the people that are on the fence to become part of the team.

The red is a power colour that falls in-line with his message and attracts the imperial worldview. People that value power, protection, freedom of expression, respect and control. The core group of people he is talking to are people that have often grown up in harsh environments. They are attracted to an autocratic leadership style. Someone perceived as being the toughest and most dominant.

When you think about it, it’s really suiting with a brand name like Trump – the only card in a deck that happens to out-power all other suits. But back to the hat.

The red hats taps deep into the desire to belong and to be part of the team the way any good brand does. The sense of belonging is right there at the bottom of maslows hierarchy of needs.

Trump gave the hats away at rallies. He made the hat look like a sacred symbol having it on stage in a glass case like it’s some kind of crown. You could even get a christmas ornament for your tree this christmas.

red hat trump marketing

Every photograph of Trump in the media wearing the red hat was a reminder of power to his core group.

The one question Trump refused to answer during the debates was the one question that would have weakened that divide if answered positively. The question was “if Hillary wins, will you support her? Not answering that question was like saying no, and saying no was crucial to his red hat wearing core group.

Now, January 20th The red hat will be in power.

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