Thinking 10x Bigger


In the start up phase of business the problem is often that the entrepreneur doesn’t think big enough. They don’t have the experience of having built a company at a large scale and they’re buried in details that are often useless.

There’s two view points from which you must view your business.

The first view is the 10x view. That’s the view from the top of the mountain. From this view you ask:

“What does your company look like when it’s 10x bigger? How could it operate? How could it be marketed?

In a brick and mortar business that may mean imagining your business was 10x the amount of locations or 10x the customers?
In an online based business this may mean 10x the amount of leads or 10x the amount cities?

Now keeping that big vision in mind you must turn you attention to the second view – the view of now.

This is the view from the valley. It’s not what needs to be done in a few weeks but what step needs to be taken today to accomplish the 10x vision.

This is where you get to discard all the ideas that are too complex to replicated at the 10x view.
This is where you stop getting involved in work that can be handed to someone else.
This is where you can focus on the simplest and most effective way to become 10x bigger.

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