To be an entrepreneur you need persistence


My alarm went off, it was 3am. I threw on a pair of those rubber boot overalls. I drove to a near by Tim Hortens and I walked into a swamp of water next to the drive through. I went up to my thighs in swamp water in the dark. My hands where freezing and I was trying to balance a ladder against a post. I had a hammer and an nail and I was was putting up a sign with my business logo on it. I had just opened my business, I had no money and I knew that everyone drove through that Tim Hortens drive through in the morning. If only I could get my sign up there people would learn about my business.

After it was up I went home to get a few more hours sleep. The very same morning only about three or four hours later I drove by a long lineup of cars and I was was so happy to see the cars until I turned the corner and realized my sign was gone. All my hard work, gone.

Some people may have gotten discouraged but I just accepted it and moved on to the next thing. To be an entrepreneur you need persistence and you have to be willing to do what no one else is willing to do because that’s the only way you’re going to get the life that no one else has.

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