Traditional Media Takes Another Dive


I wrote that this would happen last year in my post You Are Now The Media. It’s fallen much deeper since then.

Traditional media is losing attention from viewers every day. It’s market share is being eaten away bit by bit.

Why listen through songs you don’t like when Apple music allows you to stream just about any song you want for $10 a month. With no commercials.
Why pay for cable for hundreds of channels you won’t watch when Netflix gives you an endless list of movies for $10 a month. No commercials.
Why read the newspaper when you can get what matters to you from your friends on Facebook.

Facebook now has 50 minutes a day of people’s attention.

But there’s also small channels like blogs, podcasts, experts on youtube or Facebook that are gathering a few hundred viewers. This is where the opportunity lies.

The technologies will change but what is human will remain. Given the option people will move towards their focused interest in a way that they don’t feel interrupted. This leaves the door wide open for you or your brand to build its own media channel based on your viewers internets. To start documenting and taking your channel seriously. To start earning trust. The cost to get started is free.

What’s your excuse?

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