Trust and Consistency


I was having breakfast with my daughter at the restaurant. The first time I went with her the waiter brought over a bowl of fruit with a box of crayons before we were served the main breakfast. It was a nice gesture that made her happy.

The second time we went the waiter brought crayons but no fruit, she was a little disappointed so I asked for fruit.

The third time, no crayons or fruit.

Where an adult will usually just brush it off, a kid lets you know how they truly feel.

What had originally started as a generous act turned into an expectation. For most people, the fear of loss is much deeper than the desire for gain. Which tells you a lot about the importance of consistency in losing trust.

Often times our intention is to do something special for our customer but if you can’t deliver that special thing consistently it’s almost sure to backfire.

If it’s important, do it all the time. If it’s not important, don’t do it all.

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