Why Trust Matters More Now

To accomplish anything bigger than yourself, you need people to trust you.

Trust is more important in the connection economy because it’s more visible than ever before. Not long ago, people and brands could scam people and suffer no consequences. Today online reviews and comments from customers dominate what we care about and what we buy. But as the amount of information continues to expand the need for trust will play an important role.

Humans need trust because it minimizes the odds of pain.

It makes things predictable, creates a sense of community and it makes it easier for people to work together.

Every day we trust many things unconsciously. We trust that our pen is going to work until it doesn’t. We trust that the chair is going to hold until it doesn’t. We are wired to trust because it helps us navigate life. But as we move into the future, those who are trustworthy and work on not breaking our trust will win.

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