Trying to live in the now and the future

It’s hard to plan your day when you wake up wanting to improve the world and also enjoy the world.

I meditate on most days. I’m all about living in the moment and letting things unravel but in the capitalist system we work under it’s a hard thing to do. When money starts to dip survival kicks in no matter how zen you think you are. People get stressed about money. And money has control over our mind and ultimately our health.

When money’s tight some people strive harder to make more. Some lose their minds, others get used to the debt and some change their view on what they value.

Going through life always chasing a goal means you’re constantly looking into the future at the expense of the present. Another problem with always looking into the future is that to succeed any goal there needs to be self-discipline and routines make life boring.

The alternative is in the approach. To instead use the approach of celebrating instead of chasing and find a way to get paid to play.

When you’re living in the future you’re on a search and that often leads to anxiety. When you live in the moment you’re at peace.

This cognitive dissonance between living in the now and the future is not a problem to solve but a paradox to manage. In a practical sense, what works for me is to schedule future thinking and try to live the rest of the time in the moment.

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