Us VS Them


Humans are hardwired to be part of groups for survival reasons. A recent study showed how oxytocin, the same chemical that makes us attracted to someone also pushes us away from outsiders.

We’re not the only species to do this.

For crows, the more eyes in the sky means the less risk of starving.
For hyenas, it’s a way of catching larger prey.
For penguins, it’s a way of getting body heat to not freeze to death.

For humans it’s human nature (not to mention at the core of all our conflicts) that we divide the world around us (in split seconds) in us vs them.

To identify a group, we need visual clues.

Maybe it’s a special handshake or a symbol on your necklace.
Maybe it’s a ball cap or a logo on your shirt.
Maybe it’s the way people look or the way people dress or the amount of status they have.

Steve Jobs understood this concept well and used it brilliantly in his Mac vs PC commercial.

When someone comes to your website or is exposed to your brand for the first time, the most important question you must answer for your prospect is: Do people like us do things like this?

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