If You Want More Life Balance Work for Yourself


A new study just came out showing that men are demanding more life-balance from their employers. The study seems to be confused as to why employers aren’t as flexible to make the change. Yes, employers should strive to do the best they can. These days employers can leveraging technology to allow people to work from home. But the reality is that most businesses are not conducive to this.

The factory model, the model that most traditional businesses are built on are focused on efficiency in order to make a profit for the business and it’s shareholders. The more time the employee works the more money the company makes. Considering the capitalist system we are living in where companies battle for market share – it’s less likely to happen.

Smaller teams built on ideas are more flexible.

But the reality is that if you’re not happy about your life-balance why don’t you just quit? Why don’t you take responsibility for yourself and go out on your own. Aren’t you tired of doing someone else work anyway? Isn’t it time you live life on your terms?

Too scary?

The best part about being an entrepreneur is the fact that you get to choose. You get to choose your own schedule. Choose who to work with. Choose only interesting work or work you find fun and fulfilling. Choose how much money you want to make. It’s all your choice and I can’t put price on that.

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