Wantrepreneur VS entrepreneur

We all know by now that school was never built for entrepreneurs, it was built for employees.

That means it’s left a bunch of people without the skills to sell.
It’s left people with the fear of standing out, fear of expressing, fear of other people’s opinion, fear of making mistakes.

But now people are starting to see the light. The benefits that come from entrepreneurship. The autonomy, the money, the freedom. They’re also starting to see all the jobs that aren’t being replaced.

But because of their fear to act, they’re wantrepreneurs dreaming instead of acting.

Entrepreneurship is about taking action. You may think you have a great idea but it’s worthless until people you know people are willing to pay for it. The market determines success. And you need to take action to figure that out.

The sure sign of a wantrepreneur is that they have a million plans and they all start tomorrow.

You can’t learn to ride a bike by reading about it.
The best way to become an entrepreneur is to act.

Start selling things. Learn by doing. Find a mentor and work for them for free if you have to. But start.

You don’t have experience but you have time.

Just start.




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