We Don’t Buy What You Do, We buy Why You Do It

marketing is story

Looking at this ugly label, you would never think that Dr. Bronner’s soap company has over 150 employees and a revenue in the 100 million dollar mark. You would never imagine that it would have celebrity fans such as Lady Gaga and Marc Maron, but it does.

Part of the reason for Dr. Bronner’s success is that their product is remarkable. It’s made free of artificial ingredients, organic coconut oil and tingles with peppermint giving you an instant feeling of freshness.

But the bigger reason customers buy Dr. Bronner’s soap is because of the label. Dr. Bronner’s believes in making the world a better place and the company leads with that story. On the label you can find sentences like:

“We have to realize our transcendent unity across religious and ethnic divides, be responsible in our consumption choices and respect the earth”

To some people this may seem ridiculous and that’s OK because a business is never for everyone. but to the fans of this mission, it’s so beautiful it’s worth sharing.

We don’t buy products or services, we buy stories.

Not stories about what you do, but why you do it.


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