We’re born leaders, it’s just beaten out of us

I was helping my brother who’s a wildlife entertainer promote his event by putting up flyers everywhere I went.

I was bringing my daughter to gymnastics and when she saw me pin one of the flyers to the news board she asked me why I put that there.

I explained to her that it was so people can see the flyer and hopefully go see her uncle and all the animals at the show.

She asked me if she could help and ofcourse I said yes. She then made her way towards all the parents with a stack of flyers. It was funny to watch her go.

She would tap the parents on the leg and when they looked down she would hand them the flyer. Then when a parent refused to take it, she would ask why and end up sliding the flyer into their gym bag.

She was ruthless. She even ran to her friends telling them about how fun it’s going to be to see all the animals. Ofcourse the parents heard about it regardless after that.

What my daughter has that most students coming out of school don’t have is courage. It’s been beaten out of them the day they were told they’re not good enough. They have friends but have no confidence or self love. It seems that the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself.

Courage is the entrepreneurial and leadership ingredient, it’s the differentiator between the follower and the leader.

My daughter just started school so she hasn’t been brainwashed yet. She’s not afraid of being rejected. She’s not afraid of what people will think about her. And she doesn’t need a detailed description about what to say or what to do to take action. She just takes the opportunity and runs with it.

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