What do your customers value?

young adult man, personnel cleaning the pool from leaves

I had a pool guy that used to clean my pool. He was starting out his business and I was excited for him.

Being who I am, I wanted to help him. I kept trying to talk to him, asking him how business was going and what he was doing to gain customers.

He gave me short answers and kept to his cleaning – making me feel like he didn’t really want to talk.

Maybe he thought it looked unprofessional to spend time chatting instead of getting to work.

But the next time he came by he left me coupons for a reduced rate on pool cleaning to give away.

I was puzzled.

I never use coupons, in fact I hate them because they make me feel cheap.

As he left I stared at those coupons thinking that he really didn’t understand me very well.

That he probably got this tactic in some marketing book.

I kept thinking that instead of giving me coupons and reducing his rate all he had to do was get closer to me, to be a little more vulnerable, to listen more.

He could have just said that he was starting out his business and asked me if I could refer him to my neighbours.

It would have cost him nothing to do so and he would have gained way more business.

Some people miss the mark because they never care to understand what their customer actually value.

What’s missing in most cases isn’t a tactic but rather the human element of connection that turns your customer into a raving fan.

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