What Problem Would You Solve With a Billion Dollars?

Elon Musk started Testla, Solar City and Space X around a single purpose. To help humans survive the destruction of our environment. It wasn’t obvious to me until I read the book Zero to one where Peter Thiel who led Elon at PayPal asked all entrepreneurs something like “If you had a billion dollars to spend on a problem where would you put it?”

This is a great question because it forces you to think at the highest level.

Entrepreneurs or renegades tend to want you create the greatest impact in the most effective way possible but that path is often blurry. Smart entrepreneurs with big hearts don’t feel good when the focus is out of alignment.

Answering that question creates focus.

The answer answer is different for everyone and can have many reasons why that is so but the point is to have one.

To help make the question easier to answer I searched and found the 6 broadest charity categories I could find:

So where would you put a billon dollars?

1. Animals
2. Health
3. Planet
4. Equality
5. Education
6. Art

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