What Will People Think

One of my first jobs as a teenager was working at a gym. It was a hard core gym where you found a lot of bodybuilders.

When I signed up beginners they would walk the floor for their first workout alongside these bodybuilders in fear of looking stupid.

They felt like outsiders and they would hover around the front desk until they built up the courage to explore the gym and try a few exercises.

The beginner was always self conscious. And by that I mean conscious only of themselves and what people were thinking about them.

Since I knew these bodybuilders I could see the situation go down.

On one side you had a beginner wondering what the bodybuilders thought about them. On the other side you had a bodybuilder thinking about how they needed to add more muscle to their side delts.

The reality was that these bodybuilders were the nicest and least judgmental people ever. They all started with baby weights too and were proud to see a beginner start. But most of all they were too busy working on themselves to think about what others were doing.

If only you realized how little people are actually thinking about you, you wouldn’t care what people think so much.

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